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Since day one w0men have been the d0wnfall 0f many men and kings. Adam bares the evidence,Eve tricked him int0 sm@shing it at the f0rbidden garden of Eden,pissed off God and punished all men and w0men.
A nut is nuts,when you want to burst 0ne 0ut,n0thing is g0nna h0ld back any ninja from d0ing it even if it were a cr0c0dile teeth at the v@ji-na,ninjas will still find a way in.
HIV has played hav0c and kinda regulate the $ex frequency but again just a lil bit,rabas has c0me t0 the rescue 0f many as it all0ws y0u t0 be pr0tected and at the same time enjoy $ex but many c0mplain that it reduces the sensati0n with phrases like ‘s weet a1nt sweet with its wr@pper 0n. 0ne of the silent and greatest haters of rabas are w 0men but they are g00d at hiding their h@tred y0u w0nt even n0tice it
The first encounter people normally act s0 ‘alert’ and tend to use rubbers but that disappears s00n when people get used t0 each other. since she d0nt want you thinking that she be f@ck-in-g around without a rabas,this how these sleek w0men play this out. Y0u there k1ss1ng the life out 0f her bre@th,things he@ting up,the cl0thes g0es 0ff,you g0 d0wn eat1ng th0se w@lls out,she reciprocates with s0me brain,1ntellectual issues I tell y0u.
Next thing she h0lds n rubs it 0n her Kl!t and asks y0u if y0u g0t the rAba? you say yeah n things g0es 0n,the nut is like shad0w when its in yo head yo brain shuts and in seconds you wont realise how but you’ll be deep 1ns1de kn0ck1ng at her k1dneys thats if you’re blessed
Then sh1t g0es on man ,she scre@m1ng and u sm@shing like a real ch@mp,sl@mming d@nking, And sh1t then y0u b uss at last.the sleek one pops the question as if she didn’t kn0w what happened or shocked’babe what have we d0ne? are you safe plz be sincere’ she will ask that and n1nja who u sure never been to VCT in a minute says yeah im safe and you?.
Obviuosly she will reply she safe and just like that RIP rabas its team nyama kwa nyama(Flesh) till you seperate. now this is same sh1t she been d0ing with 0ther n1njas bef0re y0u and pr0lly d0ing 0thers while with y0u. W 0men m0re than m en d0nt like rabas and enj0y the natural feel 0f the p3n1s unwr@pped.
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