Men here are 8 Signs To Know If A Woman has a big pu$$y even without entering her….

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1. She tries to impress you physically by dressing better
Note also the style of her dress and hair. If you realize that a woman tries hard to impress you with their dresses, hairstyle, accessories, and her physical attractions, it is likely she wants to get your attention. Not just dresses, you can also observe on the use of make-up as well as the length of time she needs to prepare herself before meeting you.

If you are aware of this fact, do not miss the opportunity to compliment her looks. Give compliment to her dresses, her make-up, or her new hair style. Make her feels that her effort to impress you is paid-off. This kind of behavior

2. She asks a lot of questions about your life
If a woman is attracted to you, then she would likely ask a lot of questions. Those questions ranging from small things such as your hobbies and favorite activities, to bigger matters such as your future plan. She would also demand further explanation if she feels that your answers do not satisfy her curiosity.
When you realize that a woman is attracted to you and starts to ask a lot of questions, try to give an answer that could impress her. However, it is important to keep in your mind that you should always be honest with your answers. Don’t lie just to impress her, as it has bad impact in the long run.

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3. Exhibiting childish behavior in front of you
In some cases, there are some women who actually act childish when they are in love. They will not hesitate to raise their tune of their voice, scream, jump around, or giggle loudly to draw your attention. Note also their speaking style, which at first glance would sound warmer just like a small child.
If she shows this spoiled, childish attitude, the woman actually expects a proper response from you. Approached her, and take the role as her brother. Took her hand when crossing the street, rub her head, and show that you are ready to protect her.

4. She Presents You Gifts
Giving a gift shows that a woman considers you as someone special. In any of her gifts to you, -whether it is birthday gifts, Valentine gifts, or simply a souvenir from her trip- there is affection and intimacy from her. But make no mistake, not all gifts that are given by a woman signifies that she is in love with you.

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5. She takes the initiative to start a conversation
Usually under a normal conditions, men is the one who takes the initiative in a conversation. They do it by asking numerous polite questions and raised a particular topic as the theme of conversation. If you suddenly feel that she is more “aggressive” than usual in a conversation, it is possible that she develops an interest towards you.
A woman who is in love would continue to spend a lot of time talking to you. They want to be in the conversation as long as possible. Therefore, when the conversation stops, she will try to find a new topic so that both of you can continue talking.

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6. She shows some interest toward you hobby and favorite activities
You might encounter a situation when suddenly a woman starts to listen to the songs that you like or ask a lot of questions about your hobbies. She also asks you to be involved in your favorite activities and happily shows enthusiasm towards them. Be cautious boys, this might be a sign that she is in love with you.

If a woman suddenly shows interest in the game that you play, your favorite TV shows, or activity that you usually do, it is likely that she wants to spend some time with you. It also a sign that she wants to be involved in your life and want to know you more personally by doing those activities.

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7. She looks happy when she is with you
A woman would show a bright facial expression when she is with her loved ones. Just try to observe her eyes, smile, and her gestures. If she looks more cheerful and her eyes shine brighter it is likely a sign that she enjoys to be at your side. Note also if she talks and laughs a lot, it can be a significant sign that she loves you.

When she is sad or depressed, try to approach and cheer her. If you notice that her expression suddesuddenly becomes brighter, it is likely that you are the man who is expected by her.

8. She suddenly becomes unusually shy
This sign is a common physical reaction when a woman is in love. Suddenly, she will become more timid when it comes to interacting with you. Note also, her cheeks flushed when you happen to make eye contact with her. To ensure this sign, talk to her in a face-to-face conversation. If she looks more nervous than usual, it is likely that she is in love with you.

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