7 Reasons you Should Never Give A Man A Bl0wjob – Dont Ignore #7 if you Love Yourself

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2. It’s often not reciprocated.

I’ll say it: There’s a major disparity between how many women give or@l and how many get it. Considering how much work it is, the least guys could do is go down on us, but no, they won’t because it’s not manly or something. Yeah, no, I don’t want to give anything unless I’m getting fun in return.

 3. It hurts.

Have you ever noticed how sore your throat gets after giving a good bl0wjob? If you have given deep throat, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s painful. What makes it even worse is that some guys whine if you don’t make them cum, too.

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4. Guys who get oral s3x don’t ever seem to appreciate it.

Seriously, guys take this for granted. Girls don’t have to go down on you, so why do you just act like it’s to be expected? When I don’t even get any appreciation from an act, I stop doing it.

 5. The way men ask for it isn’t even respectful.

I’d be way more inclined to give head if guys didn’t act like overgrown fratboys or creeps when they ask for it. Most of the time, they try to play it smooth by just pushing a girl’s head down or acting like a rapper in a music video by telling them to suck it. This isn’t s3xy.

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6. Guys seem to think that it’s cute to push your head down when you do it.

It’s not cute. It just makes you throw up and makes you rethink the life decisions that brought you to that moment. It’s so disrespectful.

 7. Because if we were all honest, it’s become way too expected and most guys don’t deserve it.

Since when has oral s3x become so damn commonplace? I feel like guys just take oral for granted and they barely put in any effort to get it. And honestly, it’s about time that we make men legitimately work for the pleasure they take for granted.

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