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Though I’m not an expert when it comes to relationships. I’m only putting this up so as to open the eyes of our young ladies to reality

The truth of the matter is that virtually every lady wishes to marry before her mid twenties but behavioural patterns and attitude problems have deprived many of their wishes and desires.

However, we are in a country where people always fail to admit that they are responsible for their misdeed and misplaced priorities; rather, they see it as devil’s attack, thereby, running from pastors to Sangomas for marital breakthrough

Without wasting time, below are the myopic statements that land many of our ladies into late marriages

1. I can’t Woo a Guy

Personally speaking and generally summarizing, ladies who utter this statements are somewhat childish and are bereft of what relationship entails. They are full of over-bloated ego and pompous not knowing that a lady is expected to always smile; be friendly and polite to guys that approach her and also respect their courage to have made an approach. Being friendly does not mean that you are a flirt and cheap to get. Though, we all know that it sounds absurd for a lady to walk up to a random guy on the street and start wooing him. But it is not a crime for a lady to tell a dude that she likes his clothing and the smell of his perfume. This is the first element of starting a convo. I know that some will even say that “God forbid I do that”. Don’t let pride and over-bloated ego land you in OLX

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2. I can’t Marry a Man with Small Joystick

The Bible says that everything God has made is marvelously and wonderfully made , so why condemn God’s creature?. Even here in Mzansi, you will be discriminating against guys whose joysticks are very small. Whether it is 1.5 or 2.5 inches, it doesn’t matter at all. The search of big joystick normally lands our ladies in late marriage.

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3. I can’t Date a Jobless Guy

In South Africa, ladies are naturally favoured and most times find it easier to secure jobs, unlike their male counterparts who face a lot in the labour market. Being jobless is not a stigma and does not make a man worthless or useless, so why should a lady make an outright discrimination against dudes who passed through the four walls of tertiary institutions and can’t find jobs afterwards?. Ladies who utter this myopic/discriminatory statement against jobless dudes, lack rational thinking, which normally land many of them in late marriage

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4. I can’t Manage with any Man

Barely would you find a lady that’s ready to stick to a man through thick and thin. Though life is all about standard and our standard is based on our discretion. Some will say “I can’t mary a guy staying in a self contain apartment”; “I can’t marry a guy who earns less than 60k per month; “he has just one car,,it’s even a Camry sef..if it were to be Range Rover, I would have managed it “Personally, my interest in a lady dwindles the moment she says she can’t manage with a man but an already made man. Evidence has it that ladies who often utter this statement, at the end of the day, settle down for less

5. My Husband must be Tall, Handsome, Chubby, etc


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