Chic Mom-Daughter Duos You Should Take A Look At

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Since it was Mother’s Day last weekend we thought it would be a good idea to write about mothers and daughters. After all, without our mom’s we wouldn’t be here. And it’s our mothers who teach us how to navigate this world as a woman, which is no easy feat. A lot of people go through this weird stage in their life, usually as teenagers, where they’re embarrassed of their mothers. It’s absolutely ridiculous and probably very hurtful to their mothers, so today we thought you should take a look at celebrity mother – daughter duos who are not embarrassed to be seen together. Why would they be embarrassed? They look stunning.

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1. Lourdes Leon and Madonna
Madonna and her daughter Lourdes look incredible whether they’re in the spotlight on the red carpet or just chilling. But then again, when you’re Madonna or her daughter, you’re always in the spotlight.



2. Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
Willow Smith has always been brave when it comes to experimenting with her style. She and her mother have graced multiple red carpets with incredible outfits. But now that Willow is growing up, she seems to have settled into a very unique style that looks comfy, edgy and chic at the same time, which compliments her mum’s fashion choices well.

3. Rumer Willis and Demi Moore
Both Demi and Rumer have a very classy type of style. Clean lines, monochrome colors. But where Demi goes for classic suits and dresses, Rumer adds an element of edginess with a leather jacket or an interesting texture, while still keeping the outfit very chic.

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4. Rashida Jones and Peggy Lipton
Rashida and Peggy don’t always match in style, but they do look good together no matter what. They try to compliment each other with their outfits. As you can see on the pictures when they go for black, they both wear it, when they choose to wear colorful clothes, they might not be embracing the same color, but both outfits are vibrant. You can just see their love for each other shining in their eyes. What a sweet mother and daughter duo.

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