10 simple things that can make a guy incredibly horny______#4 WILL AROUSE HIS DESIRE EVEN IF HE HATES YOU

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These are some of the reasons why guys get erection.

Guys are funny creatures, there are certainly some regular things to can make a man horny, and there are also some really weird stuff that can make one horny.

Some of these erections can be invoked by memories or situations. The erections are brought on by other factors that are not necessarily those with nudity or anything bordering around that.

Erections can be embarrassing at times especially when you don’t know what is causing them exactly. You just realised that your dick is thickening up, and will probably embarrass you where you are.
According to Frank KobolaCosmopolitan, here are the most popular crazy ways men can have erections.
1. Great talker
A woman who knows how to hold a great conversation will make some guys horny no doubt.
For some guys, conversing with a woman who is smart and knows what she is talking about can be extremely sexy. Just bantering back and forth can be seen as as advanced flirting that will definitely make him hard down there. (This isn’t for everyone, just for men who are into intelligent women)
2. Scratching his back
Huge disclaimer on this, the scratches are supposed to be tender and gentle, when his back is against you, run the tip of your fingers along his back and talk to him. This act is so good, it’s got a name, it’s called acarophilia.
3. That song
Songs usually leave us with a memory, either good or bad. For instance, if you guys had great sex sometime ago listening to a track. Chances are when next you hear that song again with your partner, sex might happen, and your dick supports your ministry with an erection.
4. A red dress
The color and arousal have a lot in common.
Studies have shown that the color red is synonymous with arousal. So, chances are if he sees you in a red dress, he will start getting horny. For your next seduction experience, try a red dress, bodycon or loose fitting. Do it for science.
5. Make him laugh
There will never be a time when sense of humour isn’t sexy unless you’re with a partner who is wired differently but if you can make him laugh, then you can make him horny. Use laughter as foreplay, never forget blowjobs too.
6. Wearing his shirt morning after
Oh my days! This is one way for you to get some out of him early in the morning. The sight to any guy is sexy, there is perhaps a science that would explain but for now we’re loving how sexy it is, and how we want to go for one more round.
7.  Your Scent
Your scent also can send us mental.
Just getting a little whiff of your perfume is okay. So, you just got into the house, and he’s in the bedroom, your smell permeates to him, and the dick is up at attention, just waiting for you to show up, and pounce on you.
8. A glance of your naked body
One of the most powerful ways to turn a man on is the naked sight of a woman, another more powerful way is to catch just a glimpse of your rocking body, and thinking, that’s a great body. That’s a notification for sex to happen. Horny season is upon us people.
9. Tickle fight
Yes, may look childish, but that silly play with your partner in bed can lead to him being horny. And it’s more common than usual, and also has a name, Knismolagnia. Tickle fights make him horny, thank me later.
10. Fear
Fear and horniness are closely linked.
Perhaps, the weirdest on this list. There is such a thing called fear boner, which is backed by science.
What happens here is that fear doesn’t arouse you but something else called ‘misattribution of arousal’, because arousal and fear have many things in common, like increase in blood pressure, and short breath. The brain can also process the fear as horniness sometime.
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